Finally, the July issue is up online! Artist Woobie Bogus unlocked a time capsule and we printed a review she wrote when she was 13, and Mac Akin's print about past and future selves fits perfectly with it. The text is in fluorescent pink, which doesn't show up on computers for some reason, but it is promised to be 100 times more fluorescent than this photo.

And, because of the late release, for the next week this issue will be on sale for $1.50. Pick it up here!


Hen Wood, Screenprint on paper, 35 x 50cm, Edition of 12

Angus McCrum has been making some beautiful prints and illustrations of nature-y things lately.


We’re bringing dead stuff to life—with LITERATURE. Words will be spoken that are energy-giving spells. Come, if you’re unvital, to the Innertown Pub to see 
Anne Yoder, 
Patty Petelin, 
Bradshaw Stanley,
& David Scheier
read their terrific work. It’s SPRING so stop being so DEAD already.

7pm! Tomorrow, May 21, at the Innertown Pub, 1935 W Thomas St, Chicago

We’ll be giving away these ouija board poems too, AND there’s gonna be a pinata.

Patty Petelin, who wrote the story in the May issue of The Pendulum, is reading some of her work (and possibly her Pendulum piece too!) in Chicago tomorrow. I will be there, especially now that I know there will be a piñata…